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Social Media Services, SEO & Graphic Design

I am Level-2 Fiverr Seller, 500+ Five-Star Reviews,  already worked with 500+ Clients across the world. Contact me via Fiverr. You can also contact me via form below.

Rank Your Business / Website on First Page on Google

If you own a website or business, I can rank your website or local business on Google first page. And Here is the proof! You are more likely came here via first page on google and reading my service list. I am also on many first pages of Pinterest too. Here is what I can do for You
  • Audit your Website to Suggest Your Recommendations and Suggestions
  • Extensive Keyword Research and Content Plan for Your Website
  • Monthly SEO Service and Provide You Reports on Rankings
  • Social Signals for Your Blog or Website

Designer Services:

  • Design Your Website for Your Business or Personal
  • Design E-Commerce Shopify Website (I am a Shopify Partner)
  • Design Your Logo ($50)
  • Design your own Quotes (Contact me)
  • Design Typography Quotes (Contact me)
  • Shutterstock images of your choice ($1 per image)
  • Shutterstock Account (750 Images / $100)


    Hi... I provide these exclusive Instagram services. I have discontinued many services due to client safety.
    • 10,000 followers ($45) / 5,000 followers ($25)
    • For your next 40 Posts: Get 1,000+ likes on each Instagram post ($35 - for next 40 posts)  Trial Available for free - Custom Package also available
    • I will mention your account on my Instagram Quote Picture by giving you credit of that particular Quote (Free* or $5 @prodexigner)
    • For your next 30 Posts: Get 30+ random comments for each post ($10)
    • For your next 30 posts: Get 100+ Saves for each post ($5)
    • For 10 Posts: 10 Custom comment for each post ($5) -- You will provide your own comments, and it is for your already posted contents. 
    • Tell me if you need any specific service for your favourite channel (FB, Twitter, Linkedin, IG, Pinterest etc,)

    Other Social Media Services and Offers:

    • Get any Quote Bundle Set from this website (Free at your email)
    • Twitter followers 10K ($60)
    • Facebook Fanpage Likes 10K ($60)
    • All other Social Media (FB, Twitter, Linkedin, IG, Pinterest etc,) services available on request
    • Any specific service you want for your social channel? Contact me!

      Productivity Services:

      • 250+ CV Resume Templates ($5)
      • More Services coming soon

      Contact Details & Information

      Contact & Payment Details:

      • You can contact me via Instagram at @prodexigner (Quicker Response - within few hours)
      • Prodexigner (at) gmail (dot) com (Slower response time - 1 to 2 business days)
      • Contact me at Fiverr (Prices will be additional 20% due to Fiverr commission)
      • For Payment, you will get a PayPal invoice at your email address. For smaller amounts, I will send PayPal Payment Request. Or, you can get a custom offer on Fiverr.